I'm Krista, your intuitive life coach

Working with me is a unique and wildly effective way to unleash your power and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Whether you’re experiencing a physical health issue, emotional stress, mental health challenges, undesirable relationship dynamics, feeling stuck or stagnant, etc, or want to play big and up-level some aspect of your life, I’m here for you. We’ll move beyond your current reality, and have a lot of fun doing it!

I’ve helped them and I’m ready to help you too!

How I Can Help

Clients have come to me with everything from insomnia, chronic injuries/pain, food sensitivities, eating disorders, addictions, unhealthy relationships, control issues, OCD, extreme panic attacks, physical, emotional, and sexual trauma, severe depression and self-harm tendencies, etc…

My intuition allows me to laser focus in on the actual root cause of all the “symptoms” and facilitate healing and breakthroughs significantly faster than traditional therapy or counseling. Most of my clients enthusiastically share that they made more progress in ONE session with me than in months, in some cases years, of conventional practices. Imagine what’s possible through immersing yourself in my 4 week Conscious Life Design program!

Giving Back

People who have worked with me know the immeasurable value available, and, I understand that sometimes we all need a little boost of support to get where we need to go. Donating allows those who support my work to pay the gift that it is, forward. Whatever amount you feel inspired to give provides an opportunity for me to make partial scholarships available to those experiencing extreme financial hardships at the moment but are still showing up 100% ready and willing to do the work.

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