Happy Clients

My first session with Krista was only about a week after I was treated for trying to cut myself again. I was diagnosed with PANDAS and my OCD symptoms were out of control, I was constantly washing my hands, wasn't able to touch most things, had almost constant obsessive thoughts that made me feel paranoid, and nothing about my life felt normal. I had also developed an eating disorder and struggled immensely with my self-image. I was extremely depressed and in a constant state of anxiety and stress. My body was plagued with pain, chronic injuries, inflammation, etc that were diagnosed as food reactions so I was on an extremely restricted diet. I was miserable.

 After only 4 sessions I had significantly decreased the obsessive thoughts, my hand washing had also decreased, and I hadn't had a single thought or desire to cut myself or make myself puke. I was also able to relate to my family and friends differently and things people would say that I used to take really personally and let destroy me inside I was able to just brush off. The tools she gave me were simple and even fun sometimes!

After about 8 sessions I played percussion in my choir without needing to wear gloves for the first time in months. After years of only using my feet to open cupboard doors and drawers I can now use my hands without any anxiety. I feel like I have a much more normal life than I have in years, and I'm even experiencing joy as an athlete in my sport again with significantly fewer injuries!!! I'm into my school work and actually enjoying it, lol, and I've even started hugging family members again after not being able to for months, in some cases years, because of my OCD.

I also have freedom around food now! My self/body image issues have drastically decreased (and when they do pop up I have tools to use to move through them so I can still remain empowered!) and I no longer have physical reactions to the foods previously diagnosed as causing the issues. We cleared all of that! 

I think the best thing about working with Krista is being able to really feel and see the difference in my life. I love how I can move through things without even talking sometimes, it doesn't have to go through the filter of my words because of her intuitive gifts and the way she works. She can pinpoint exactly what's going on even when I can’t fully express it.

UPDATE : I’ve seen some incredible shifts take place in my life due to my work with Krista. And not just in the areas that I already mentioned. I now know what it means and feels like to be 100% in alignment with yourself, to truly feel yourself and not feel the desire to be or be like anybody else. I am thoroughly enjoying sharing with others what I’ve learned and am still learning and “coaching” them as well. Realizing how much of a badass powerful creator I am and that I have complete control over what my life looks like and my experiences are (because what defines my life isn’t what actually happens in it, but how I choose to relate to it and be with it). I am now writing my very own book on all that I have learned throughout my life and through working with Krista, and her unconditional love and support and the fact that she loves what she does so much has brought me to this point. She has helped me through the toughest times in my life and has worked to keep me here on this earth as long as it took for me to begin blossoming, and now that I am in a new phase of my coaching with Krista I can say that she not only helps others through whatever it is that they are struggling with, but remains a committed and amazing coach when it comes to taking your life and your journey a step (or a few steps) further and building and designing a life that you truly want and feel completely in alignment with.

-C.D., Colorado

I have grown exponentially since I began working with Krista 4 months ago. She has helped me to understand / love / heal myself in ways I never knew were possible. For 50 years I have lived in fear, anxiety, depression and a deep state of self-hatred, but I am now able to see that I do have worth, strength and the ability to love myself. Because of my work with Krista I am now in a very healthy relationship with a kind man, rather than another abusive one, and recognize my destructive patterns so I can respond in new and healthier ways. While this deep work has been difficult at times, Krista has been there with so much love, compassion and understanding. She is insightful, observant and I am constantly amazed by how right on she is about what’s going on in my head (based on both what is and is not spoken). One of the greatest gifts she has given me is the realization that I have a CHOICE in how I feel. In the past I didn’t believe this to be true, but it is!

I’ve been involved in traditional therapy for most of my life. Talking, talking, talking and nothing ever changing. But with Krista the work is fast, direct and has amazing results even after just one session. She doesn’t talk at you or tell you what to do, but rather asks the important questions that get you thinking and realizing that more often than not, the answers are already there. Krista is a partner in healing and a teacher, rather than a “therapist” talking to a “patient.” She doesn’t see me as broken and in need of being fixed, but rather as a soul growing in this life, with unlimited potential. Im so grateful for the work we have done so far, and what more is to become in my life as a result of this partnership

-Lisa, CO

Working with Krista for the past year has been profoundly life altering. My initial experience with her was as my 16 year old daughter’s coach. My daughter came to Krista with severe anxiety, OCD and a history of self harm. Within the first couple of sessions I watched her begin to shift from a sad, anxious and troubled teen to a lighthearted, HAPPY and confident individual. Did I mention HAPPY?? Her OCD symptoms have greatly diminished, she’s focused on her school work again and has rediscovered the passion she lost for her hobbies. She’s reengaged in life and her beautiful soul, dimmed for so long, is shining once again!

Watching how she managed to connect with and guide my daughter through profound changes by helping her come to her own revelations and realizations about her life, I knew Krista would be able to help me make the transformation I desired.

Unlike any other therapist or coach I’ve experienced, Krista employs a great sense of humor, a unique intuitive skill set, people skills, passion for healing and deep insight to bring about major changes for her clients. Working with Krista has driven me to dig up, face and work with some very painful experiences and beliefs I had about myself. This work is not effortless or painless, but with the gifts Krista possesses and operates with it’s as straightforward as it can possibly get. She intuitively knows what questions to ask and how to present them so that they are actually received, a vital skill for anyone wanting to help others make lasting change.

In her sessions Krista utilizes low key casual conversation as well as energy release techniques to help her clients get to the real truth behind their issues and let it go. Conversation is sometimes easy going yet strikingly deep and direct on other occasions. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions and drives you to face what you’ve been running from. Her unique gifts allow her to have a keen awareness as to which method is appropriate and most effective at any given moment.

Through my work with Krista I have been able to release lifelong negative beliefs about myself and blossom into the person I always knew I was underneath all the fear that held me back. I have been able to uncover and transform generations of behavior patterns that I inherited and move forward with *my* life as truly my own. I am able to take action like never before on things I have been struggling with for years. Suddenly I’m just doing those things without a second thought or hesitation. It’s like a boulder has been lifted and things that were once heavy and unmovable have a lightness about them like I’ve never experienced. The confidence and security I now have in myself to boldly go through life is immeasurable and incalculable.

I cannot put a number value on her gifts and services because they are priceless. Bless you Krista for all that you do and all those you guide and support. We are so incredibly lucky to have you in our lives!
When Krista found me, I felt like I was a mess. I was living with an abusive alcoholic. My mother was abusive to me growing up. I was bullied. Despite all of this, I am an optimistic person. Usually. But in my current situation I was feeling so full of rage, only with him, but it felt awful. I had become bitter and irritable. I had been reading and reading! I found lots of tools that did help, but I still felt helpless. I also have an addiction to food and Pepsi.

After just 2 sessions with Krista, words can't describe how I feel! We didn't even address weight or food addiction! I felt those were lower on the priority list. However, I am almost completely off Pepsi, WITH EASE!!! I can't even tell my struggle with this! I'm making better food choices, WITH EASE!!! Weight is falling off! I lost 6 lbs. in 2 weeks!!! I'm not blowing my top with my alcoholic! Trust, I have been repeatedly provoked! I am now rational enough to know what I need to do, and how to do it in a loving and understanding way. I have already improved my relationship with my children! I may be in the running for a new position at work! I am making real and impactful friendship connections! I am winning for the first time in my life! I have found my simple joy again, and it feels so GOOD! I haven't just found my spark, I have ignited my FIRE! I couldn't be more grateful!

UPDATE: Just over two years ago I was a totally different person. I was in the depths of despair. I was having suicidal thoughts. I had zero self worth. I was living in a deadly and toxic environment for over 14 years, which consisted of every kind of abuse. Krista and I reconnected for the first time since high school. I had already been working with a counselor and attending Al Anon. Since coaching with her my life has truly altered. I renewed my sense of worth and restored self love. At that time miracles happened and I was able to flee that awful relationship. My life is far from perfect now but I’m in a constant state of growth and evolution. I gained so many tools in my time working with Krista, which I will mention was just 5 sessions of an hour each time over the phone states away from each other. Her work continues to move in me. I’ve lost nearly 50 pounds since then due to releasing all the mental garbage I had collected in my entire life. Recently I began a relationship and I thought things were perfect. But one issue came up and it was something that I just couldn’t work with. In the past I would have done anything to keep a connection this intense. I would have clung on in fear of being alone. I would have done things that made me uncomfortable just to keep the relationship. I would have allowed a destructive pattern to send me into a horrible depression. I would have seen it as a total failure and rejection and reversed everything I had worked for. I would have regained all the weight I had lost. I had repeated this toxic pattern many times and I know what the old version of myself would have done. But thanks to the tools I gained I was able to look at this from a clear point of view. I had to let go of a beautiful relationship because it wasn’t working for me and the greater good of my sense of self worth. I stand tall with gratitude for everything I gained from this relationship. I won’t deny this was painful. I won’t deny playing the victim role for a moment. But I didn’t unpack and move into that state of mind. I acknowledged my pain and loss and now I can move forward with intention and love and to continue my journey as a stronger woman. I will not reverse everything I have worked for. I’m truly blessed to know Krista and I am so thankful for my journey!
I am extremely grateful for the time that we have spent together. I have picked up several tools to be able to use in my life from you. The importance of having tools helps me rather than just talking therapy that I have done in the past. I especially like the "what if..." question that has the ability to change my way of thinking (and being) to the way my life could be should I choose to make a change. Krista, you have the ability to read me in ways that are very intuitive and accurate. I am amazed at this ability! You, also, have a way of speaking in a "no holds barred" manner that is straightforward and compelling me to make changes that I need in order to move forward in my life. I have been stuck in a way where I am "playing small" in my life. I now have choices where, before working with you, I had none. I used to focus on where I am going to be, like I needed to have an end game plan before I could even move. Now, I have a choice today; "left or right?". Thank you for your help that you have provided.
The word ‘Tranformations’ in the title of Krista’s practice is completely apropo. I knew I was ready for something much deeper in my journey of self-discovery and healing. I had taken a few different kinds of approaches in trying to unearth the reasons for why I do what I do as lifelong patterns, the way I think, and what I believe about myself, but I was really stuck. My experience over a total of six sessions with Krista broke things wide open. Her raw, clear insight and “no bullshit” method genuinely gave me a new pair of glasses with which to see how I perpetuate my story, weaving the same habits and beliefs throughout my life no matter how hard I try to change direction. She handed me concrete, immediately applicable tools to both dismantle the brick wall I’d built around myself stemming from a need for protection AND establish appropriate boundaries. A year ago I don’t think I would have been ready or able to embrace all of this but Krista came along at just the right time. When you’re ready for truth, you’ll find it waiting here with her.

I was afraid for most of my life to seek the therapy that I knew I badly needed in order to heal from my past. I’m so glad I finally took the plunge! From childhood severe abuse that has resulted in continual self-harm, to a very bad first marriage, and everything in between, Krista helped me to realize a new perspective and to free myself from being a victim. I now have a renewed relationship with my mom. I’m no longer tormented by the “I love her, I hate her” feelings, and that’s so phenomenal! A new space has been opened up between my dad and me, which I didn’t even know needed to happen. I’ve come to terms with my Grandma as well, and I’m currently working on that. Even the total dynamic in my marriage and our parenting has changed as a result of this therapy. Last but certainly not least, I’ve been able to almost conquer pulling my hair, which started as a PTSD issue due to the abuse from my mom. It’s 90% better in only 5 weeks, after having done it for almost 30 years....I could cry!

When you’re weak and disempowered, you pretty much allow everyone to steal your energy and stomp on you even when you don’t realize that’s what’s going on. Through working with Krista, I came to realize I could be strong and healed. I didn’t have to be the scared little girl searching for love and acceptance. I no longer had to pretend I was happy and positive because I could BE happy and positive! The bad things that have happened in my life sucked 100%. Absolutely a given. But, I can look on them now as just that...things that have happened. Things that have made me who I am. It feels so amazing to have accomplished this transformation and to stand strongly in my own power. To know I’m worthy, wanted, needed, and loved. To say I love myself. And to know I am no longer a prisoner! I am FREE!

Krista’s love, strength, and dedication made the hard parts less terrifying. She has a straight-forward approach filtered with knowledge, laughter, and insight that is truly unlike “traditional” therapy. You can accomplish anything if you’re willing to put in the effort!! And you’re not the only one who’ll benefit from it! How cool is that??

Forever thankful, forever a work in progress...

UPDATE: Hi! I wanted to tell you a few things...
I have been ACTIVELY applying what we worked on in our sessions.
I’m also learning to apply visualization & color therapy techniques to clear my crown & throat chakras to help with the migraines. (Some might find it silly, but you showed me the power of energy-work...it’s real shit, man!)
I’ve decided to take the necessary steps toward getting a DNA test to find out if he is, or is not my father. I now know I can live with the answer either way. I just need to know.

The best part is that I finally faced my issues with my Grammy. All of them. I spent the entire day with her today. Just us. We laughed, we cried, we talked about everything under the sun. No guilt. No misunderstanding. No worries. Just both of us showing up in a space of honor & love for each other. I told her what I needed to tell her & she was right there, as MY grandma...

Onward to continued freedom of the heart, mind, and soul! Much love, dear friend! And thank you...a million thank you’s will never be enough” - Athena, M

-Athena, MI

Because of Krista, my life has changed from negative to positive. She has transformed my mindset thus eliminating many issues that I felt helpless to and situations I felt a victim to. Unlike many doctors who create repeat patients, Krista is able to determine what is plaguing your mind, get to the bottom of it, and get you back on track to mental well-being. She knows when to be patient and sensitive but will be lovingly blunt if you need the friendly nudge. Thank you for returning me to the driver seat of my life!

-Michaella, NC

I met Krista by chance but now know there is no meeting that is only by chance. She was wise enough see that I was struggling with some very serious issues and in need of guidance. She was outgoing enough to reach out to me, get to know me, and her intuition and skills enabled her to do what would personally work best for me. Krista offers a unique modality that includes coaching, body work, providing expert information, and then using her intuitive and healing gifts. She does not tell anyone what to do, instead she guides you to come to different ways of thinking and acting that will change your life for the better. She has helped me see things in ways I couldn't on my own. She is devoted to empowering others, through her empathy, kindness, intelligence, and knowledge. I feel she is truly guided by angels.
Krista is able to cut through the BS and get right to the issue I'm facing. Whether it's a judgement I've made for years or a pattern I'm running that no longer serves me, she uses her keen intuition to ask the exact questions and provide the guidance I need to move through the resistance I'm facing. And she's always saying "laughter heals" so we laugh a lot too. People need to get with Krista and find the support and answers they seek so they can shine bright again! I appreciate the candid and unfucked-with way she gets straight to the root of the issue. Not many people are able to call bullshit, but Krista has a natural gift! Thank you Krista for your insights and helping me feel safe even when the world seems to be against me or falling apart.