I’m an Intuitive Life Coach and Holistic Healing Facilitator.

This work isn’t something I do, it’s Who I am. It’s my Passion and my Purpose. Being an integral part of the healing and transformation of others is my greatest joy! It’s an honor and privilege to guide these beautiful Souls on their journey.

The spiritual and intuitive gifts I was born with and have developed over the years, along with my own personal transformation journey, have led to answering my Calling through this work. My psychic abilities and clair senses allow me to share a beautiful connection with non-physical energy clearing a channel for Spirit to work with and through me.

I’m committed to growing a community of people who aren’t just surviving, but thriving as they consciously design their lives in the most beautiful ways.

My own extensive life experiences required a path to healing and personal power that has created an enormous capacity for compassion and empathy with my clients. I foster a safe space for personal exploration and discovery, and my spunky personality and sense of humor allow my clients to feel at ease regardless of the topic at hand. We actually have a lot of fun together. Healing and moving beyond trauma doesn’t have to be traumatic!